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Our Store Described by a Few of Its Fans

Almost every day someone drives hundreds of miles to find the right piece of cloth. They leave their comments in a book:

"I don't live close enough to this palace of silken pleasures -- maybe I will move."

"When asked what they'd spend it all on if they won a large sum of money, most people would buy houses, cars, etc. I'd come here first."

Many friends think of this cozy store as a fabric gallery. People come in just to see and feel the special selection of natural textiles.

"Beautifully sensual." LG., Utah *

"I come here for artistic inspiration and rejuvenation. It's like entering the Emerald City."

* "I always leave with the feeling that I found JUST what I was looking for." *

"I hope you are here forever so I can continue to bring my best friends here." *

"A feast for the imagination."

"I just want to roll around in the fabrics here! Roll ! Roll ! Roll ! Then weep. Then laugh! Thank you for being here!" *

"Where else could you possibly find so much beauty in one room? Thank you for enlivening my senses and making me go 'ahhhh!'"

"A collection of fabrics that represent, to me, ultimate BEAUTY. I have been coming here for 20 years and it is like coming to a well when you are thirsty. It is an absolutely delicious experience."  M.C., New Hampshire fiber artist *

"...your garden of touch and color is beautiful." R.J., Connecticut

"The BEST fabric store I've ever found (and I've searched!)"  J.I., Florida *

"Across the world I have never been greeted with the selection and variety that exists on Main Street in Brattleboro." *

"I live in Toronto -- but buy my fabric here."

Distant places where customers report that this store came up in conversations between strangers:

  • Aspen
  • Chiang Mai
  • Paris


Last Updated: January 1, 2015