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Small Piece Assortments


Phone, fax or email us at the store for help ordering Small Piece Assortments.


silk crazy quilt pack example

Silk Small Piece Assortments

Customers from far and near are enthusiastic about our random assortments of silks that are especially suitable for crazy quilting as well as small crafts and other pieced work. Delectable Mountain offers a bundle of 30 pieces in assorted colors and patterns of silk for $20 plus shipping for mail orders. The random assortments may include jacquards, brocades, taffetas, dupions, organzas and embellished silks.

Delectable Mountain Cloth can also make up random assortments of silk and rayon velvets - contact us for that.

crazy quilt pack sizes


Order a small piece assortment or two. Mix the silks in with your cloth stash for the fun of viewing all of the possible combinations. Please do send us a picture of your project made with cloth from Delectable Mountain or post it on our Facebook page. We'd love to see it and so would our other customers.



Last Updated: August 16, 2015