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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you sell retail or wholesale?
A. Delectable Mountain sells retail only.

Q. What makes Delectable Mountain Cloth different from other fabric stores?
A. Our offering of natural textiles is unusually selective and diverse. Each piece of fabric in the store is individually chosen. The exciting variety of textiles with an old-time feel inspires designers for weddings, theater, film, re-enactment, interiors, doll costumes, special projects or anyone looking for gifts. Fabric lovers appreciate that there is no polyester or nylon to push aside.

Q. Are there other items than fabric?
A. Yes:
• Buttons with an old-time feel made of pearl, tagua, and cast metals.
• Scarves and shawls from around the world, including velvets, Kashmiri, and hand-woven chenilles.
• Jewelry that complements our fabrics.


Q. What fabrics do you carry?
A. Delectable Mountain carries only natural textiles, specializing in silk, cotton, linen, rayon and blends. The store is filled with a wide variety of weaves with an old-time feel: silk velvets, sueded silks, silk jacquards, doupions, taffetas, silk-and-metal organzas, iridescent silks, cotton velvets, solid velvets, velvet burnouts, batistes, chiffons, natural blend jacquards, brocades, soft washeds, European designer fabrics, Japanese prints, hanky linen, dotted swiss, toiles, voiles, neutrals, scrims and some ribbons.

Q. How often do you receive new fabrics?
A. New textiles arrive weekly from around the world. Most are one-time pieces that do not appear on our website.

Q. What is the smallest piece you will cut?
A. In the store we will cut pieces as small as 1/8-yard. The mail order minimum cut is 1/2-yard.

Q. Can I have samples of fabric mailed to me?
A. Yes. We sell precut sets of samples for our regular stock of 166 colors of silk doupion. If you have a specific need, phone us and we will prepare a suitable selection from our current stock.

Q. Do you have any made-up fabric goods?
A. We have many made-up scarves and will cut a scarf from almost any material in the store. A limited number of kimonos are available, and may be made to order from certain fabrics.


Q. Can I re-order fabric that I have purchased?
A. We can tell you that when you buy it. Some of our fabric is always available, including the 160 colors of doupion. But many pieces are one of a kind that we may never see again.

Q. How long after I place my order will my fabric be shipped?
A. All orders are shipped within a week, unless you request expedited service. If by chance the fabric you need is not in stock we will advise you.

Q. Do you ship outside the United States?
A. Yes.

Q. What are your payment terms?
A. Payment before shipping by check or credit card.

Q. Can I place my order online?
A. No. We tried a simple online ordering system in the past and were overwhelmed by the logistics. We are still an old fashion store that is not ready for the modern world. If you phone us, we can talk to you and better fill your needs.

Q. Can I talk to a salesperson by phone?
A. Yes. Call during business hours, seven days.


Last Updated: November 8, 2004